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Making a contribution to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Georgia, Sierra Leone and Sudan

During conflicts, an important number of nationals took refuge in host countries, to flee the dangers of the war. Migrants from countries at war staying in the host countries are often highly educated and benefit from education possibilities that would not be available in their country of origin. In the post-war reconstruction phase however, the countries of origin are in great need of qualified nationals, in sectors crucial to development and reconstruction that are not available locally.

The Government of The Netherlands has appointed the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in April 2006 to start a Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) programme. The objective is to contribute to the reconstruction and development of a number of former war countries, namely Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Georgia, Sierra Leone and Sudan. This is done by temporarily placing in each country of origin higher educated persons who originate from that country but live in the Netherlands. The focus of the programme is on the transfer of knowledge in positions where expertise is lacking locally.  The Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals Program (TRQN) is demand-driven and based on the identified and expressed priorities in the country of origin.


The programme aims to stimulate the labour market, not to obstruct it. Candidates will be sought from within migrant communities residing in the Netherlands and with the assistance of migrant organizations.  Candidates will be selected in sectors identified by their Country of Origin (CoO) and according to qualifications requested by the CoO. The programme proposes to create possibilities for nationals in the Netherlands to contribute to the reconstruction of their country of origin and thus make the qualified personnel in demand available. Furthermore the programme incorporates transfer of knowledge in order to build the capacity of local professionals.


IOM conducts inventory research, networking and logistics for the dissemination of information and material in the Netherlands and the respective countries of origin.

IOM matches qualified nationals with the capacity building needs of their respective countries of origin by sending them on temporary assignments to work on existing rehabilitation programmes.

IOM offers logistic and financial support to the TRQN. This support comprises:

•  Reimbursement of the costs of travel, travel insurance, accommodation and the costs of living in the country of origin;
•   Assistance with applying for official documents;
•   Organizing transport to the relevant country;
•   Providing travel insurance;  
•   Support and monitoring during the assignment.

IOM in BiH is working in collaboration with public authorities at State, entity and municipality level as well as the private sector in the areas of health, education, infrastructure and rehabilitation of public services, telecommunications, business and economic development for the successful implementation of this programme.

To download TRQN terms of reference application form on your computer please follow this link.


Government of Netherlands

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